Mirrors have multiple uses within the home, first and foremost they provide us with reflection but are also a great way to open up a space and multiply the light.

Whether it's for your bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, bar area, gym or any other of the hundreds of applications, Glasstech can custom make to your specific measurements and edge finish requirements.


Able to be installed where the average mirror cannot, this product has all the reflective properties of a standard mirror but in a toughened safety glass version. Suitable for hot areas or any other area where added safety is required, it opens the space, multiplies the light and has a striking appearance.

Mirror Types Available:

6mm Silver Mirror, 6mm Vinylback Silver Mirror, 4mm Silver Mirror, 4mm Vinyl back Silver Mirror, One Way Observation Mirror, Venetian Privacy Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Grey Mirror


Splashbacks are extremely popular as an alternative to tiles when building or renovating. Produced with toughened glass, splashbacks are able to be painted to your own colour choice enabling you to match colour themes within the home.

Pool Fencing

Safety fencing around pools is extremely important and now mandatory by law. With glass it’s easy to achieve a beautiful yet virtually invisible screen to protect your family and pets.

Storm Shield

In our severe tropical communities, we recommend StormShield. Glasstech will supply the strongest and lightest cyclone rated glass by internationally renowned company Glasshape.


Safety glass is the smart and reliable option for all balustrade applications. Heat strengthened laminate or the option of frameless toughened glass should be considered for your home, apartment or commercial application.

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